Artificial Intelligence Language Translator

Fastest and Most Precise
Intelligent Language Translator


2-way language translator connected to the most powerful smart translation engine platforms in the world

with 98% Accuracy

Super fast and rapid translation with only 0.3 seconds processing and up-to 98% accuracy for complex sentences including business and technical conversation.⌃

⌃ 0.3 seconds of translation speed up to 98% accuracy is the information provided by our partner and depends on a variety of factors, such as: complexity of words or phrases or pronunciation or paragraphs or tone, quality of language recording, quality of translation output, network speed (the translation engine is hosted by the translation engine provider in their respective countries), translation engine(s) response time and many other contributing factors.

Massive use cases

Use this device for meetings, interviews, teaching, study, training, business meetings, telephone conferences and travel.

Perfect for local & foreign companies, office management, directors, managers, c-level executives, embassies, buyers, IT, diaspora communities, personal assistants, importers, exporters, hotel concierges, flight personnel, restaurant staff, service staff, government officials, consultants, expatriates, travel agencies, students, teachers, lecturers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, developers and anyone who wishes to speak in many languages.


With Ai-Powered translation, “you can instantly understand anything said to you in any form of language.”

The technology works by recognising words individually.

- Digitalistmag 2018


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